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The storm

13. dubna 2009 v 22:55 | Pepcha |  Jednorázovky a songfictions
Hihi. Dobrý den. Tak jsem se rozhodla zase něco uveřejnit. Je to jedna ze čtyř povídek, jež jsem plánovala na jednu soutěž. Odeslala jsem tam přirozeně jen jednu (protože kitinka tvrdila, že je nejlepší). Nu a tahle je z těch zbylých. Kdo by nějak hrozně toužil i po těch dalších, mohu když tak zaslat na mail. No nic. V angličtině, užijte si.

In the very moment he heard the little "click" in his head, his heart and in all himself. It was the sound of a locking of his true feelings in a bizarre prison.
He always loved his step- father. His childish admiration began the very moment his mother told him, that the saviour of her life, Marc´s "uncle" was going to move in with them as his new daddy. His mum regained the confidence in herself, which she was misssing for such a long time. She began to smile again. No more night shifts work to earn enough money for them. No. His new daddy was here for them to claim them as his family. And that was how Ethan came to his life. As a true hero. No more doubts, no more debts. Marc´s friends at school always told him, how bad their step-parents were - real Snow White stories, but Marc couldn´t identify with them (and Cinderella either). This new life meant a safe future and the so much needed assurance, that his inteligencewon´t be wasted and that he´s got a chance of becoming whatever he would like to be. Just then, just then, the clouds were gone for some time.

"So, have you already considered, which high school you´d like to attend?" was the Ethan´s warm question, which surprised him. He was just sitting on the balcoon, listening to music and kicking on his heels in the rhythm.
"Well I think, that the nearest would be the best." Ethan raised an eyebrow.
"But I think, you´re better than that. What abou this: I´ll help you and you´ll try to pass the exams od Vinland´s high," he smiled calmly.
"Would you?" asked Marc with wide eyes.
"Of course." It was a deal. Three months after, Marc passed. The day he´s got the positive answer was extremely happy and his good angel Ethan took him out to celebrate. He drank alcohol, he sang for his "daddy" and he was happy. Everything felt so right. Just before the storm comes the sky seems to be cloudless. Some time ago he asked Ethan: "What can I do? I think, I´ll never fully return all your favors." Ethan smiled then and said, that he´ll find out something. On the day, when Marc celebrated, Ethan was done with his research. It was Marc´s time to return with peanalty by all he´s got. By his body. The storm came that day. They haven´t seen lightening here for over half a year. And now they shined on Marc´s surprise, shame, hurt and later on his feel of guilt. He didn´t bath in the sunshine anymore. Now he bathed with his father. He was supported for the rest of his school-days. He was ashamed and humiliated for almost the rest of his high shool-days.

"Why do you always have to do this?" the concern in his voice was very well noticable. Marc´s eyebrows twitched.
"What ya mean by that?" he asked slightly confused.
"Well, you know, all this picking up a girl, sleeping with her once and then just walking away," his younger comrade explained with a very serious expression on his face. Marc looked like he´s going to laugh any second.
"Are you suggesting, that I´m a womanizer?"
"Maybe I wanted to say, that you´re quite an erotomaniac." In this oment Marc could´t také it anymore and burst out laughing. "Or, maybe, you´re only trying to confirm yourself about your masculinity."
"What? Bill, please cut that out. I don´ t wanna listen to your psycho babbling. You´re not my shrink," he demmanded sharply. Billy didn´t look very happy.
"Not yours, but actually, I studied psychology." Marc couldn´t help it. He ruffled Bill´s hair with his hand.
"You´re really funny," he smiled. Bill pouted. Marc frowned. This was odd. He downed another vodka and turned at the girl staying near them. "Hello, princess, what´s such a beauty doing in this bar?"

It was snowing. Not mildly, that was nothing near to the christmas- like lovely snowing. This was more like a snow storm. He´s definitelly going to send a petition to saint Peter. It just didn ´t feel fair, his coat wasn´t thick enough and it was freezing. Oh, my, his hair was completely wet, he felt like some stupid dog and was sure, that he looks like a total idiot. When he walked in the office he suddenly felt better. Bill looked like hell. In vice versa. The tissues on his table and in the bin suggested, that he was suffering from a serious desease: if it wasn ´t flu, then it definitelly was pharyngorhinitis. And his expression told Marc, that he was ready to kill anyone, who´d try to mock him. When he was in this kind of mood, only an eternal fool and naivist would do that.
"Oh, poor baby, you look melancholy." A naivist or Marc, who just ruffled Bill´s hair... again. The gaze he got looked like it could make a hole in him. Cara, their very friendly co- worker, gestured to him to run away. Quickly.
"Are you hinting at something? Or don´t you have anything else to do?"
"Well, actually, I thought, that I would cheer you up a bit with this book I bought yesterday, but since you don´t want to see-"
"What? You have IT? You´re wonderful." Marc felt like he skipped a stair. And there he was, the greatest womanizer in this institution ever and he was behaving like some lovesick shoolgirl head over heels for... a geek. The next month he was turning thirty, his birthday and also an aniversary of his turning point in life, and even now he didn´t know, what he feels or what does he want.
And the stupid snowstorm wasn ´t becoming quiet yet.

"You really can´t hold your liquor."
This sentence - who said it? A groan slipped off of Marc´s lips. His head was falling into pieces. The sharp pain dug in his brain again and held his mamories from attacking him.
"You really can´t hold your liquor."
Who said that? Oh yeah, Ethan, some fifteen years ago. But wait. He opened his eyes.
Oh shit. No, no Ethan fifteen years ago, but him just yesterday.
Oh shit. The body curled up againts him definitely wasn´t woman´s. Nor somebody he didn´t know. Oh shit. Try to think, Marc, does Billy remember his mornings after? How was he supposed to know that? Okay, he could leave now and hope, that Billy will pass it as an incident. Bill´s eyelids flattered. Too late to escape.
"Hello", he said in a very sleepy voice.
"Hello, Billy, I... I... How are you?" was the first thing that encountered his dazzled mind.
"If we don´t count the hangover and the fact, that my lower body hurts like hell... I think, I do just well," he smiled lazily, like nothing serious really happened.
"Oh... I... I´m sorry." Marc wanted to kick himself for being so ridiculously nervous.
"I guess, that you´re in a much worse state since you´re not even able to speak normally. And I thought, that you were the one, who used drunkness and seduced me," he said chirply. Marc frowned . The last part. Just like those words he said to Ethan. The feel of guilt was overwhelming.
"I ´m so sorry. I didn´t know, what I´m doing then. Can I do something to help you? I didn´t mean to hurt you, Billy. I disgust myself." Billy´s smile faded away.
"Hold on, cowboy. You regret it? You didn´t hurt me, you idiot, not mentally nor psychically." Marc smiled.
"I´m thankful for that." Bill held up his hand and scratched his forehead. Then he put it back on the pillow.
"So, what are we going to do now?" he asked as he turned at Marc with a mild expression.
"I don´t know."
"I´ve got a plan. Firstly: we´ll get up, secondly: we´ll find something to eat as a breakfast."
The sky wasn´t clear and it wasn´t cloudy either. To be truthful Marc really couldn´t tell what it was like and how it would look a moment later. Just the classical April weather. Just as his current situation.

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1 sisi/ctenar sisi/ctenar | Web | 14. července 2009 v 22:31 | Reagovat

Proč to máš v angličtině kdžy je to se spoustou chyb? To naprosto nepochopím! :( vůbec to nepřečtu a to co jo tak to nedává smylsl.ŠKoda

2 Shamaniel Shamaniel | 23. září 2009 v 19:00 | Reagovat

V tom případě si asi, sisi, sedíš na očích, nebo nevim. Mně to smysl dává a počtení nebylo špatné ;)
Jen jméno Ethan se mi moc nezdálo... měla jsem trpké nutkání si ho spojovat s chemií :P

3 Paigik Paigik | 10. prosince 2009 v 17:44 | Reagovat

Ahoj, hrozně se mi líbí tvá tvorba, bohužel už mám vše přečteno a nové příspěvky nikde..tak jestli sem ještě někdy zabrousíš, zkus třeba zas něco pěkného napsat:)dík

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