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18. prosince 2008 v 20:28 | Pepcha |  Jednorázovky a songfictions
Abyste to pochopili: já nejsem blázen, pouze jsem závislá na yaoi (popř. shonen- ai), anglických povídkách s - dejme tomu - zajímavým vyústěním (hlavní postava mužského pohlaví se vyspí nebo alespoň dá dohromady s druhou postavou mužského pohlaví) a Shakespearovi. No a tak jsem napsala takovou menší povídku na téma: Reid a Morgan z Myšlenek zločince spolu. Skoro v posteli... Přístě....
Disclaimer: If I owned Criminal minds, Reid and Morgan would be making out most of the time - which they are not and that´s why I have to borrow them and... O.K., cut it off!
And on with the story.

P.S.: I´m sorry for any unintentionally wrong - spelled words or so.

"All the world´s a stage and all the men and women merely Players."
-William Shakespeare

The plane was heading home. After a really tough case everybody was happy to have a confortable seat and sometimes even a pillow. The storm hasn´t felt extremely pleasant as the turbulances made some pensand other stuff on the tables fall on the ground.
JJ was silently sleeping next to Emily. Garcia was staring through the window on an exciting scenery before, but now he fell asleep himself. Derrek seemed to be the only concious person - except the pilot... hopefully. He tried to do the same as the others, but his brain wasn´t able to stop the flow of memories about the last case. It was horrifying. Yes, it was their job to solve the most awful murders, but this time it seemed to be too much fot him. He had tried to get his mind blank agai, but it didn´t work. He had tried to listed to music, but the cheerful rhythm wasn´t a match for his current state. He had tried to read, but instead of words he saw dead bodies. He gave up.
The warmth by his left hand suddenly strated t shake. Spencer Reid was havin a bad dream. Who would be surprised, since they´ve just closed a case of serie murders of little abused girls? Morgan turned to him and stared at his expression for a while. It hasn´t looked like something really bad. But then, Spencer groaned from his sleep. It was low, but noticable. Morgan patted Spencer´s shoulder to wake him up. Noting happened. Spencer´s face started to look like if he was in pain.
"Hey, Spence," Derrek whispered to his comrade silently. He didn´t want to wake the others. Nothing happened... again. Instead Morgan´s got a feeling, that he sees little sparkling watery objects on Spencer´s eyes. Derrek has cuppped his cheek and finally got an answer. Reid´s eylashes flattered and he opened his eyes. He looked lost.
"They are dead. Those girls..." And he was confused. Derrek smiled.
"We caught him, Spence, He wan´t kill anymore." Reid blinked several times to get off those emrassing tears - like he would cry in front of Derrek!
"Yeah, but there are so many others. I think, that this case was just too much," he sighed. "I´m no ironman."
"I get it. I´m none too. Nobody of us is. I couldn t even sleep," confessed Morgan.
"Oh, and I was worried, that it was me and my nightmares, who has woken you up," smiled Reid kind of apologeticaly. And cutely.
"Nah, don´t worry. And to come think of it, maybe I wouldn´t wake up - I´m used to you having nightmares all the time," he teased silently. Spencer wasn´t very flattered and friendly pounched him in his arm. "What was that for? For being honest?"
"Oh, don´t say such things," Spencer hushed him. They remained in silence. Morgan was studying the features of Reid´s face, Reid, on the other hand, was considering if Morgan´s ear was ever wearing an earring - it would look extremely good for sure. Reid has realized hw close they are and if he had the ability to, he would blush deeply. He thought, Morgan would back up in this moment, but he didn´t.
And he didn´t resist even thought Reid put his hand on Derrek´s neck. And he didn´t resist, when they kissed either. More over: he parcipitated in it, enjyoed it and regretted, when Reid´s sweet tongue was gone as they broke apart.
"You know, I´m no fag," whispered Morgan.
"Me neither," replied Reid and took Derrek´s breath as he started a new kiss.
"It´s just for comfort," tried to assure him as much as himself Morgan.
The newly waken up Hotch shuddered on his seat. To him, the following things haven´t really looked like just soothing.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 kittie kittie | 19. prosince 2008 v 2:11 | Reagovat

Báro? Reid a Morgan? Spolu? Skoro v posteli? Víš, že ti ani nenechávají naději?

P.S. Můžu to říct?

P.P.S. Booth!!! Co jste čekali?

2 Ninushka Ninushka | 21. prosince 2008 v 8:41 | Reagovat

Sice ty dva neznám příliš osobně, ale mám dostatečně velkou fantazii, aby se mi ta povídka líbila.

P.S. I když za mě a za Trin se přimlouvám, aby příště byla Česky *snaží se zakrýt jejich nedostatky v cizím jazyce *hihi*

3 Pepcha Pepcha | 4. ledna 2009 v 10:42 | Reagovat

Děkuji, zlatíčka, uceňuji, že mě nezavrhujete, i když jsem totální magor... Hihi.

4 Mary Mary | Web | 31. března 2011 v 22:49 | Reagovat

Proč magor? Já taky miluju CM fanfic:D

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