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Toto je prosím můj zapomínací esej na angličtinu aneb převedení mé povídky do angličtiny.
Tak čtěte...

A young lady´s sitting on her bed. She stands before one important decision, but in her head, there´s space only for her memories. Memories of her childish time. Memories. Isn´t it a strange word? What are memories? All what is gone? Is it that? And if she´ll marry Mr. Black, will he one day also become a memory? And what about her future kids? Also a memory? Is it that?
Trought a meadow full of flowers one little girl with golden-red hairs ran and shouted at a little boy running behind her: "You can´t catch me, you can´t catch me." But suddenly she was lying in the grass and she cried from laught, because her brother tickled her.
"Arty, Arty, let me go."
"No, Josie, you´ve what you wanted." When he stoped with tickling at last, she affected really unfriendly.
"You´re bad," she cried, so her brother hung her gently and kiss her with an apology.
They were five years old...
A young gentleman fastly sat on a horse and caught his sister. Arty spured Balthasar on with Josie holding him by his neck.
"Mr. Artemis, Ms. Josephine, this is dangerous!" Twins laughted.
"Butler also doesn´t need to be everywhere."
"And I don´t care if also he doesn´t like, when we talk the truth. What´s bad in it, that I will some day marry you?" winkled Josie with he naive eyes.
And also - they were nine years old...
And he rode Balthsar once again. But today he was alone. Alone? No, not really, his sister hurried behind him. Suddenly Arty stopped and jumped down from Balthasar. Josephine followed him.
"How could you do me this? How could you agree with it? After what we promised each other!"
"I´m so sorry, but you know, how can be mother unyielding, when she decides something," she caressed him. Arty pushed down to her armful.
"But you could try it more. We may stay together also on the hight school," whispered Arty into Josie´s hairs.
"Don´t be foolich, you have to go to school for young and elite gentlemen and I should go to the girlish boardinghouse."
"But you´re going to be so far away from me."
"Shshshshs, my bubby, it´ll be all right."
They were eleven years old...
"...and don´t forget, that you´re Glover - Josephine Muriel Glover. Not Fowl. Our enemies could kidnap you, d´you hear?"
"Yes, mother, you tell me this every year," was the answer from Josephine standing in a hall and waiting for the car, which was going to take her on a station.
"So let´s say goodbye." Josie did, what her mother wanted and she hug all the members of her family. But when Artemis was in order, he bended aside before her lips and in her armful he just hung. Josephine was confused.
What was with him in the last time? Why he looks at her so oddly? Why he bends aside before her touch? Could it be...?
They were fourteen years old...
It was a summer normal day. No. Not normal, because twins had their birthday and Artemis prepared one special surprise...
"Sis? Please, don´t ask me about anything and follow me," whispered Arty.
"I love surprises," she said, but it was not exactly right, because she antipicated, why is her brother so nice to her now. She wasn´t silly and she was able to give two and two together. She knew, that they are going to a hotel, where nobody can interfere them.
She knew, that her brother is going to kiss her not only as a demonstration of a sibling love.
She knew, that he´s going to let her choose between his love and nothing.
She knew, that she´s not enought forceful to refuse her own twin, who´s thinking in many things the same as her.
They were sixteen years old...
She was smiling. To be sorry for that? Never. But this relationship couldn´t keep fine forever and now it´s about time to change memories. They come and they leave. Why don´t have some with Mr. Black? To have many children and to be a loving mother? Not at all... But Mr. Black also isn´t such a family type and he´s in a good life situation, he´s not silly or ugly and he likes many things she also likes.
So... which color of dress is she going to have?

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1 belinda belinda | Web | 5. února 2008 v 22:09 | Reagovat

pusí, to je sice mociky cool, ale já jsem myslela českou delší verzi, víš? tohle už jsem četla +pláče+

2 belinda belinda | Web | 5. února 2008 v 22:10 | Reagovat

aha. ono je to to za tim, že jo? já jsem debil...

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